How to Buy Non VBV CC {Use Non VBV CC in Carding}

Plenty of hustlers are always looking for legit online shops to buy non-vbv credit cards, some even end up looking for ways to access the dark web because they believe legit card shops can only be found there.

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Well, today I will expose to you where and how you can buy non vbv cards without hustle, but before we go any further, for the newbies who don’t know what non vbv card are let us explain briefly.

What is a non VBV Credit Card

Non VBV which stands for non-verified by visa, is a type of card which does not require the two factor authentication code or simply which does not require the One Time Password (OTP) for the transaction to be completed.

And because of the above reason, these non vbv cards are easily used to access paid online services without any challenges of otp. It is because of this same reason that most carders utilize them for carding.

Even if the website is 3D secured, this card will complete transactions without asking for an otp.

We know your now wondering where to find such cards with high balances so that you can buy stuff online. Well, I must say that its really hard to find such cards in modern shops as sellers just sell spammed credit cards without really checking if it is secure or not.

The first option if you really need a well checked non vbv card is buying directly from our shop we value our clients and therefore provide excellent services with a money back guarantee incase you face any issues with our cards

We have various non vbv cc for different nations including America, China, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany and many others

Step by step guide of how to buy Non VBV CC for Carding

To start with, go to carding shop, but we strongly recommend you to our cashout shop

We have different non vbv credit cards available each with a different pricing. We advice with to choose non vbv with high balance since they easily run out of stock, just to be on a safer side.

Add the CC to the cart section and complete the registration where necessary.

In the payment section we accept bitcoins (BTC), Etherreum and Litecoins, so ensure to readywith any of the coins mentioned

You will recieve you credit card in your email that you provided during checkout instantly as soon as your payment is complete!

What next after purchasing your non vbv CC?

  • There are many online shopping sites that support non-vbv credit cards, such as Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Walmart, etc.
  • With your purchased non-vbv cc that has been BIN matched,
  • Go to any of the above mentioned sites and order for what you want depending on the card balance
  • Place your item in the cart (don’t put a gift card there because some sites require ID cards for verification, which is risky).
  • Make sure you’re using a good VPN or shocks for your security.
  • Next, choose credit card as the payment method, enter non-vbv cc information, and pay

Note: It is advisable to order an item of small amount first, then go big after shipping because some sites flag high-cost products for the first time. So start small and work up.

And the good new is that because the cc your using to purchase items is a non vbv cc, it therefore implies that you wont be disturbed by that shit called OTP or the fuckin code!

Thank you very much for reading this article. If you need any information related to this article, you can tell us through the comment box. Do share this article with your friends or relatives. Thanks once again.

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