You start by placing an order with us after you have read the description and terms of the product and you are happy to go ahead.

Placing an order is very simple, simply select the item or service that you are interested in, add to your cart then checkout using the crypto.


You start by placing an order with us after you have read the description and terms of the product and you are happy to go ahead.

Placing an order is very simple, simply select the item or service that you are interested in, add to your cart then checkout using the crypto.

We appreciate your skepticism there are a lot of scammers/rippers on both the clear and darknet. However, we have very skilled vendors, we had over 1,200+ sales on Empire Market before it was taken out due to DDoS.

We are professionals in this and we have been doing this for years now with huge success. Apart from the feedback our clients give, you can go through our website and make up your own mind. We receive many orders every day from our clients and they always recommend our services to others once they receive their services. So be rest assured of our legitimacy.

On occasion, there are delays in shipping and problems with customs for international orders. If packages are lost, damaged, or intercepted by customs we will resend a new package.

We try to satisfy all our clients to the best we can but we also require you to be patient with us in times of delay and problems. We guarantee the safety passage of your package, all our packages are customized + sealed, and declared as “gifts” which means that they are exempt from customs-free (for international customers)

If at all we try and the product fail to reach you we immediately issue a refund thus being trusted by many clients

As a general rule of thumb, we always offer replacement of products and our services but in exceptional cases, we do offer a full crypto refund minus the crypto fees, or replacement where appropriate.

What are the likely scenarios for a crypto refund? If the package was intercepted by custom twice after being insured both times. Goods/items are damaged and unable to serve the purpose you bought those for. Items being lost.

Please include any proof if it applies in your case so we can issue a refund as quickly as possible. Note: If we decide to refund, you shall be refunded through the s

A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency designed to work as a medium of exchange. It uses cryptography to secure and verify transactions as well as to control the creation of new units of a particular cryptocurrency. Essentially, cryptocurrencies are limited entries in a database that no one can change unless specific conditions are fulfilled.

With this approach, cryptocurrencies do not rely on central banks or trusted third parties to verify transactions.

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized and run by a network of computers instead of a single person or a company.

The money you own is stored in a digital wallet you keep in the cloud or offline on a PC and can be sent to someone via a computer or a mobile device like a smartphone.

Each transaction is recorded in what is called a blockchain that is publicly available to all currency holders.

To learn more about cryptocurrencies and how they work, please have a look for example at

After your payment is successful the escrow agent in our live chat on website holds your funds till your product is successfully delivered and also make sure that there is no disputes between you the buyer and vendor then she sends funds to the vendor

                            Thus being  trusted by many clients


People who wish to hold and spend Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Monero must create a wallet, which stores the information needed to complete transactions.

The coins themselves remain a part of the blockchain, but your wallet contains the information necessary to access and use your own coins.

To send coins to someone else you need to know an address where you can send the coins to.

This is something similar to a bank account number, this address belongs to the wallet of the person you want to send the coins to.

If you now send the coins to the address, they will appear in the recipient’s wallet, the same process applies when someone sends coins to your address.

When you are shopping online the conventional payment methods are PayPal, Stripe and Credit Cards but here at “CARDINGSHOP” we are not a conventional online shop;

To protect ourselves and your identity we accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method. Currently, you can pay with the following cryptocurrencies on CARDINGSHOP:




4. Bitcoin Cash

5. USD Coin

6. Dai


Our payment process is very simple.

When you order on our CARDINGSHOP.SHOP we first take a look at fulfilling your order ourselves, if you are not located near us we will get one of our trusted suppliers to ship the order to you and provide us with the necessary details such as tracking which we can then pass onto you.

In cases where we use our trusted partners to process your order that does not mean you will be getting any less quality of service from us. 

In the event of a problem, we will always be your point of contact and resolve any problem by taking appropriate action.

Yes you can probably use any wallet as long as you got coins in there then we are good

If you got more questions kindly ask our escrow agent via live chat he will answer you